Nano 300 und Nano 600


Unbelievable Size. Unbelievable Power. Unbelievable Options.

HK AUDIO presents LUCAS Nano 300, the next step up the evolutionary ladder for the LUCAS line


When the inceptive LUCAS system was introduced in 1998, its arrival ushered in a new era for entertainers, DJs, presenters and many bands.

It was the first time they would enjoy the benefits of a full-fledged, fullrange sound system that not only travels light and sets up easily, but also sounds stunning. 14 years later, the next evolutionary step in the sound system’s ascent is here to make its debut at the 2012 Prolight + Sound show - LUCAS Nano. Its ultra compact subwoofer and two fist-sized satellites are sure to astonish and amaze with an audio experience to rival that of far larger systems.

LUCAS Nano 300’s application range is almost unlimited. It is a phenomenally portable sound reinforcement solution for presenters and entertainers, a monitoring system for e-drums and high-quality desktop multimedia, a near-field PA for smaller fair events, and so much more. The options are bounded only by the limits of users' imaginations.   Learn more about LUCAS Nano 300


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